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Knob Hill Weddings  ~ A gallery of inspirational love stories

"Everything about the venue was fantastic!

Elisabeth was absolutely wonderful. She made my dream day come to life!

Thank you so much, Knob Hill Barn!" 

-Anna S.

"Exceeded every expectation! Couldn't have asked for anything better!"

 -Sherril F.

 "..I have got to say ...

The Jacob's Wedding was the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended!

The setting and atmosphere were absolutely FABULOUS and the staff couldn't have been any kinder or more attentive and still just let us do our thing. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful place! God bless!"

                       -Paula H.

"My husband and I celebrated our daughter's wedding at Knob Hill Barn this past weekend.

Everything was absolutely gorgeous for Annie and Cody's wedding.

The bridal barn is above and beyond what we could have ever expected! The bride and bridesmaids had fun getting ready for Annie's special day in the beautiful decor the Knob Hill Bridal Barn had to offer.

The horses in the background were just magnificent and captured the attention of all our guests.

The lights and chandeliers in the barn just made everything magical. We were so happy you made Annie and Cody's day just perfect!"

-Cecilia D.

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