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Doing What We Love at KNOB HILL BARN 1892

Celebrating the big adventures in life, 

Supporting the Arts & Building Community

Lane KC Symphony

William Lane & KC Symphony Director Michael Stern backstage 2019.


Performing Mahler 3 at the Kauffman Center

Bill was principal horn of the Los Angeles Philharmonic for 38 years. He's performed all over the world.

He recorded with Kenny Rogers, Whitney Houston and has played in over 200 major film and television productions including:

Indiana Jones, Contagion, Godzilla, Forrest Gump, Free Willy, Ghostbusters, Green Lantern, Indian in the Cupboard, Karate Kid, Jaws, Jurrasic Park, The Lion King, Matrix, Beauty & the Beast, Pirates of the Carribean, Behind Enemy Lines, Spider Man, Superman, Batman, The Soloist, War Horse, Walk in the Clouds, Fast & Furious, A- Team, Charlie's Angels, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Knight Rider, Little House on the Prairie


As classical musicians  we are proud to host events that celebrate the arts.

An honor to share this special place for your special event!


 The UCM Choral Gala on Friday May 3, 2019 was a success! Thank you to all who came to support the wonderful program. All proceeds went to choral and voice scholarships.


It is our dream to support creativity and build community by helping bring people together. Every event is a chance to celebrate the gift of life, the joy of music and rising up to the occasion. 


On June 8, 2019 we hosted our first "Evening on the Farm".  We had filet mignon and garlic mashed potatoes on the menu and the dinner party was a hit!  Thank you Chef Jay, owner of Heroe's Restaurant in Warrensburg, MO.

The featured band was Luerham, Schaffer & Check! They were amazing and there were 72 guests in attendance. We look forward to more beautiful events that bring friends and community members together in the spirit of gratitude and living life to the fullest.

"We just wanted to thank you all again for the amazing night!

Everything was just perfect and we can’t wait to do again!"

-Jessie G.

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