Knob Hill Barn 1892 

Our Horses


We own and care for five beautiful and healthy horses who live happily on a real farm. The farm is in Johnson County, MO. A very green and lush hill-scaped countryside.

The property is several hundred acres of farmland, woods and two creeks. They roam free on over 25 acres with their own large pond and old trees. They have two sheds with feed lofts, mineral rocks and two waterers with mineral rich natural well water.

Our horses are our pets and family. We’ve owned three of them since 1998-9 and two of them since 2018. They are all different breeds/sizes. They are under our care and protection. We have two veterinarians who come out to check on them from time to time and when needed. We also have horse farriers who care for their feet.

Two of them are brothers and are the youngest. We have one American Quarter horse Doc who is over 30 years old. We give him extra care in winter months by feeding him separately. One Arabian named Buddy who is 22 years old.  These are the smaller but fully grown and healthy. Doc was taken in after his former owner passed away suddenly. He was a church member and friend and used to take Doc on trails all over the US. Doc is the most mellow and gentle horse we have. He's often allowed to be loose in the yard during the week or a wedding! Buddy is very shy but loves to bolt off in the fields and test his speeds! He looks tiny compared to the draft horses who on avaerage weigh 1800-2200 lbs. The nutrient dense field grass often causes too much protein issues with Buddy and we make sure to look after him. 

Our horses are totally FREE and eat all hours of the day from soft grass, fresh wild clover and other natural plants and flowers. We supplement their diet and provide everything they need to be happy. In dry or winter months they get lots of hay, alfalfa and supplements.


Jack is a pure Belgian also in his 20's and he's a giant! He's retired from an Amish working farm in Windsor, MO after working the fields for eight years. We love Jack and he enjoys belly rubs from us! We have two horses that are brothers who first met each other at the farm in summer 2018. They instantly fell in love with eachother and have a fierce bond. They have a solid black Percheron dad and different Belgian mothers. Star came to us black but is now turning dapple! He's also self-appointed leader of the pack! He and his fun spirited brother Zubin bring lots of energy and enthusiasm to our older babies. A lot like getting a puppy when you have older dogs! They all get along wonderfully.


Star likes to have all the attention around guests and will keep his siblings at bay so he gets all the pictures and love. Can totally read his mind when he does that! "Excuse me, move out of the way! Can't you see this is about me? Clearly you're not supposed to be here! You're ruining the picture! I'm working this event, Not you..." lol ! We love them all!

Please note our horses are not show horses-they are pasture horses. When we fixed up the barn and opened the venue we NEVER intended to use the horses nor PROFIT in any way from their natural beauty and elegance. We simply didn't even think about that. We do not guarantee horse pictures in our clients contracts or agreements. We can try and do that but they are farm animals and we do not tie them or make them do anything for us or the guests! Our contract states that we will not confine the horses to any specific pasture/area if they are stressed. They come on their own most of the time. We will try our best to get them for you but we do not make any promises.

Additionally, for anyone not used to farms, country homes, farm animals, etc. Flies are normal! Horse poop is normal and good for the land! Poop attracts flies and many other insects. This is normal. Please do your research!


We do not believe in excessive grooming practices. Often times people are only used to seeing horses in parades or equestrian facilities for therapy and riding lessons. Our horses are not trained nor used for these purposes. They are docile and loving pets and live peaceful lives.


Many times people don't know that show horses have their hoofs painted and polished! We do not do this. They get in the dirt, mud & pond water every day! They roll around, kick and play and live natural on soft heirloom, native grasses & hills. Please research natural hoofs. It is okay for them to have some splitting. Specially if they are very large breeds! We have 3 draft horses. All of them are very well loved and cared for but again not show horses. From week to week their hoofs take different shape and wear because they are free and not confined in anyway. They live on farm and do not need special shoes nor lots of maintence. Their manes and tails may have tangles and sticky seeds from the field- all evidence of a life well lived! 

About horse play! Sometimes they pick on each other! These little love bites also attract flies. We put ointment on these when we can but it is a daily thing! Especially with them playing, getting rain, the ointments, fly sprays wears off quickly. The horses are in no pain. 

Additionally during dry, hot or cold temperatures it is NORMAL for horses to loose weight within days but just as easily gain it back! The grass dries up or is not in season. We supplement and have a vehicle just for the horses filled with feed bags, vitamins and goodies! This keeps rodents away from their food and special products we used to store in one of their we don't do that anymore.

If we are every out of town --even for one day --we have one of our horse friends come and check in on them. During extreme cold weather we also check the waterers every day to make sure they are not frozen.

We are very blessed to have our pets. We were pleasantly surprised that they enjoy the weddings! They eagerly wait for attention from the guests. They live truly wonderful lives.

Please talk to us if you have any concerns! We work every single event & wedding.

 Call (660) 460-5071 or email

We will be more than happy to explain and answer any questions. We can give you their vets or farriers telephone numbers. We take concerns very seriously because we take full responsibility for the care of our animals. They are our family!